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Team 7 will provide geospatial data expertise and tools to support PFAST data-related activities and support PFAST Network data science requirements. 

Christopher Lenhardt | UNC-Chapel Hill

Lenhardt is Domain Scientist in the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) at UNC Chapel Hill.


Helena Mitasova, PhD | NC State

Dr. Mitasova is Professor of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences & Associate Director for Geovisualization in the Center for Geospatial Analytics (CGA) at NC State University.

Additional Team Members

Arcot Rajasekar, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Mohammad Jarrahi, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Zachary Arcaro | NC State
Brian Blanton, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Claris Castillo, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Phil Owen | UNC-Chapel Hill
Vaclav Petras, PhD | NC State
Lisa Stillwell | UNC-Chapel Hill
Jeff Tilson, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Tripp Tuttle | UNC-Chapel Hill
Eliscia Kinder | UNC-Chapel Hill
Praveen Wunnava | UNC-Chapel Hill
Blake Baines | NC State
Stacie Reckling | NC State

Click here to download Team 7 summary