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Team 5E will eetermine levels of PFAS in drinking water; assess exposure in pregnant women; and investigate the impact of PFAS on the placenta and pregnancy outcomes. 

Rebecca Fry, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Fry is Professor and Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill. She is also Director of the Institute for Environmental Health Solutions in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Dr. Fry is a leader in environmental epigenetics and her lab uses toxicogenomic and systems biology approaches to identify key molecular pathways that associate environmental exposures with development of human disease.

Tracy Manuck, MD, MS | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Manuck is Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at UNC Chapel Hill. She is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and co- Director of the Prematurity Prevention Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Manuck is a leading expert in spontaneous preterm birth and translational obstetrics.

Matthew Lockett, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Lockett is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill.  Dr. Lockett is an expert in 3D cell culture model development and validation with a focus on hormone-responsive tissues and cancers. His lab pioneered the paper-based invasion assays that the team is using to assess impacts of PFAS exposures on invasion and migration in JEG-3 placental cells.

Additional Team Members

Stephanie Sun, Pharm.D. | UNC-Chapel Hill
Jackie Bangma, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Shelby Smith | UNC-Chapel Hill

Click here to download Team 5E summary