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Team 5D will improve understanding of PFAS uptake and distribution within plant tissues. 

Owen Duckworth, PhD | NC State

Dr. Duckworth is Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State University. Dr. Duckworth’s research in soil and environmental biogeochemistry combines methods in microbiology and wet-chemistry with modern spectroscopic, microscopic, genetic, and theoretical techniques to better understand mechanisms and reaction pathways on molecular to macroscopic scales.

Stephen Broome, PhD | NC State

Dr. Broome is Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State University.  Dr. Broome’s research in coastal zone restoration emphasizes the application of agronomic principles to environmental restoration and conservation including: use of vegetation for erosion control, habitat creation, restoration, and mitigation; constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment; biofilters for nonpoint source drainage; and revegetation of mined land.

Detlef Knappe, PhD | NC State

Dr. Knappe is Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NC State University. Dr. Knappe’s research focuses on source water protection by identifying contaminants through targeted and non-targeted analyses and on the development of treatment approaches for the removal of unregulated contaminants.

Additional Team Members

Yuanbo Li, PhD | NC State

Click here to download Team 5D summary