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Team 5B will increase understanding of the potential for bioaccumulation and adverse impacts of PFASs, including GenX, on the health of the Cape Fear River aquatic ecosystem.

Scott Belcher, PhD | NC State

Dr. Belcher is a Research Professor in Biological Sciences and the Toxicology Program at NC State University. Dr. Belcher studies actions of endogenous hormones, endocrine disruptors and estrogen signaling during normal development and the specific causes of hormonally regulated pathology in the brain, heart and reproductive system. His research leverages his broad expertise in molecular genetics, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, animal models of pediatric cancer and chemotherapy, whole animal physiology of the endocrine and nervous systems, and toxicology of hormonally active chemicals (endocrine disruptors).

Additional Team Members

Theresa Guillette, PhD | NC State
Matthew Guillette | NC State

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