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Team 6 will assist researchers in sharing study findings with varied public audiences.

Kathleen Gray, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Gray is Associate Director for Outreach and Public Service and Clinical Assistant Professor in the UNC Institute for the Environment at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Gray leads the Center for Public Engagement with Science, a science education and community engagement program with a mission of enhancing public understanding of current environmental science and health research and its relevance to daily life. Her research focuses on how vulnerable populations understand environmental health messages and the role of informal science educators in communicating such messages.

Jane Hoppin, ScD | NC State

Dr. Hoppin is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Deputy Director of the NCSU Center for Human Health and Environment at NC State University. Dr. Hoppin’s research focuses on how epidemiologic evidence can inform mechanisms of disease from environmental exposures. Currently, she is leading an NIH-funded study of PFAS exposures in the Cape Fear River basin; and in this role, she and her team are at the leading edge of communicating with public audiences about PFAS exposure and potential health effects.

Jory Weintraub, PhD | Duke

Dr. Weintraub is Science Communication Program Director with the Duke Initiative for Science & Society and director of Duke’s Broader Impacts Resource Center. Dr. Weintraub has extensive experience training scientists to communicate their work to the public and policymakers, developing and conducting STEM outreach, and organizing symposia and public education programs and initiatives. He also is a national leader in broader impacts practice and policy – communicating the relevance of STEM research to a variety of stakeholders, including the public and policymakers.

Additional Team Members

Karl Bates | Duke media contact
Matthew Chamberlin | UNC-Chapel Hill media contact
Tracey Peake | NC State media contact
Ariana Eily, PhD | Duke
Suzanne Lea, PhD, MPH | ECU
Katlyn May, MEM | NC State
Nicole Wilkerson, MEM | NC State
Megan Rodgers, MEA | UNC-Chapel Hill
Victoria Triana | UNC-Chapel Hill

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