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Team 5 will assess the impact of PFAS on public health.

Jamie DeWitt, PhD | ECU

Dr. DeWitt is Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at East Carolina University. Dr. DeWitt’s lab studies how early life exposure to a variety of agents including environmental contaminants may impact the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, during development and adulthood.

Rebecca Fry, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Fry is Professor and Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Fry’s lab uses toxicogenomic and systems biology approaches to identify key molecular pathways that associate environmental exposures with development of disease.

Additional Team Members

Morton Barlaz, PhD | NC State
Jean-Rene Thelusmond, PhD | NC State
Scott Belcher, PhD | NC State
Theresa Guillette, PhD | NC State
Samuel Vance | ECU
Owen Duckworth, PhD | NC State
Stephen Broome, PhD | NC State
Detlef Knappe, PhD | NC State
Yuanbo Li, PhD | NC State
Matthew Lockett, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Stephanie Sun, Pharm.D. | UNC-Chapel Hill
Tracy Manuck, MD, MS | UNC-Chapel Hill
Jackie Bangma, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Nick Luke, PhD | NC A&T

Click here to download Team 5 summary