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Team 4 will examine air emissions to better understand how air particles may impact water on and under the ground.

Ralph Mead, PhD | UNC-Wilmington

Dr. Mead is a Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UNC Wilmington. He is an organic geochemist focused on developing and applying molecular and isotopic analytical techniques to trace naturally derived organic carbon in the marine environment.

Barbara Turpin, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Turpin is Professor and Chair of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill. She is an atmospheric chemist and environmental engineer studying fundamental processes and effects of airborne particles from air pollution emissions on human health.

Additional Team Members

G. Brooks Avery, PhD | UNC-Wilmington
Robert Kieber, PhD | UNC-Wilmington
Steve Skrabal, PhD | UNC-Wilmington
Joan Willey, PhD | UNC-Wilmington
Karsten Baumann, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Jiaqi Zhou, PhD | UNC-Chapel Hill
Megumi Shimizu, PhD | UNC-Wilmington

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