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NC PFAS Testing Network Virtual Forum: May 2021
Forum recording
Information Session with PFAST Network and Agency Stakeholders: February 2021
Seminar #4: PFAS and Health (How Toxic are PFAS?): November 2020
Presentation recording | Virginia Guidry slides | Jamie DeWitt slides
Seminar #3: PFAS in Plants and Fish: October 2020
Presentation recording | Scott Belcher slides | Owen Duckworth slides | Greg Cope slides
Seminar #2: PFAS and Contamination Reduction: October 2020
Presentation recording
Seminar #1: PFAS in Drinking Water Sources: September 2020
Presentation recording | Detlef Knappe slides | Michael Scott slides
Fayetteville Forum: PFAS Updates in Food and Ground Water: February 2020
Agenda | Presentation slides
Bridging Science & Society: Presentation to NC School of Science and Mathematics Students: December 2019
Presentation slides
RTEHC / NC PFAST Network PFAS Summit: Integrating Science and Solutions in NC: October 2019
Agenda | Presentation slides | Final Report
PFAS Webinar for Educators: October 2019
Resources | Presentation recording
NC Coastal Federation PFAS Forum: May 2019
Presentation slides
Presentation to the NC General Assembly’s House Committee on the Environment: April 2019
Presentation slides
NC State CHHE PFAS Symposium: February 2019
NIEHS newsletter section with presentation summaries
Presentation to the NC General Assembly’s Joint Legislative Oversight Committee: January 2019
Presentations slides
Duke/UNC-Chapel Hill Symposium: Emerging Contaminants in the Ambient Environment: September 2018
Presentation slides
Superfund Sites Identified by EPA to have PFAS Contamination
The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has published a map highlighting 180 federal Superfund Sites that were identified by EPA as having PFAS contamination. The list was provided as part of EPA response to questions at the Committee’s March 2019 hearing entitled “Examining the federal response to the risks associated with PFAS.”
NC DHHS Cape Fear PFAS Community Survey (2019)
This survey was conducted to better understand the concerns that people living near the Chemours Fayetteville Works Facility have about exposure to chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
PFAS State Legislation and Federal Action (2021)
National Conference of State Legislatures has compiled a comprehensive list of activities in state legislatures and the federal government to mitigate the public health impacts and clean up the environmental degradation the production and use of PFAS have caused.